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The Story:

During WWI all the alcohol run out
very fast, and you and your fellow pilots have
nothing better to do than stand head to head
in a deadly air combat just to see
"WINS!" below your plane on the screen...
Oh...and it's also about "who's the real
RED BARON" - the red, the green or the
blue one.


Players press F1,F2,F3 to enter the game. Player1: F1: enter the game LEFT_ARROW: push-down RIGHT_ARROW: pull-up ENTER: fire Player2: F2: enter the game KEY_q: push-down KEY_e: pull-up KEY_w: fire Player3: F3: enter the game KEY_i: push-down KEY_p: pull-up KEY_o: fire

Short description:

Use your pilot skills to manoeuvre
and shoot down your opponents.


Use the possibility to fly below
the tree-tops to "trick"
your semi-pro opponents.

Hide yourself behind green hills
and in the clouds to fool them.

Higher you are - better position to
attack you have.

Speed and quick turns are your friends.

Before shooting estimate how will the
position of your target change
before bullet gets there.

Aim carefully as you can shoot only
1 bullet at a time!

About the game:

Inspired by some very old DOS app
which name and link I was looking for
days without success...
I've put here everything I've remembered
about this "game" (Damn! Last time I
played it was like 17 years ago...).
Made for the 2009 Java 4k Competition.
The goal of the competition is to make
a Java game that is at most 4KBytes large.

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